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Saturday, July 31, 2010

ummmm finished? August Block Swap II

ok, now for the not so good bit :) (see last post).

because the Quilting Block Swap Australia is growing and growing - join up at Sue's blog - http://quiltingblockswapsaustralia.blogspot.com/ - or by clicking on the button on the right of this blog - some of us lucky people get to do 2 blocks a month for a new member.  this is another good bit, not the not so good bit :)

the not so good bit is below

this is paola's block - she requested any block in country colours - dark reds, greens, blues, yellows and beige.  and this is what i had a go at - a chain block.  i think it looks ok, took me a bit of fiddling to get the points all to match, and all is well.............until..................i measure it up - and find it is 12" now!  argh!  just like cathy's block!!!!

so, i am well and truly frustrated.  not sure if it is a problem with the block sizes at Quilter's Cache as this was a 12" one too - and according to lovely operator of the site Marcia they should be 12.5".  and the first one i did was 12.5".  so not sure if it is me (i don't think i could be a whole .5" out from piecing? but i could be!!!!) or if it is the site.

and anyway, i have NO IDEA how to draft patterns to size myself or even read a pattern and do the calculations to what the size should turn out to be!  so i am not throwing stones at all - i know i live in a glass house!!!!!

so, solution - i am going to make another block for Paola, this one in fact.  this site reckon that it should 12.5" when it is done.....so if it turns out 12" then we will know it is me!  if it turns out 12.5" then ill breathe a small sigh of satisfaction.  :)

ill let you know!!  so paola - sorry!  ill still post you this one - maybe you can use it somewhere else.....or join a 11.5" swap ;)

pugs and kisses


Alex said...

Try measuring with a quilting ruler or tape measure 1/4" from your needle - you may find you 1/4" foot isn't really 1/4". If it isn't the case, try changing the position of the needle if there are several straight stitch options on your machine. Otherwise mark where the 1/4" really is with a piece of tape on your machine.

It's a gorgeous block, though!

Alex said...

ETA - I took a look at the pattern and the maths looks fine for a finished block of 12". It took me ages to realise that my 1/4" foot was a little on the generous side so definitely double check it!

crafty pug said...

thanks for the tip! will definitely try to work out what is going on. i hope it isn't my 1/4" foot - i love that little guy! he makes it so much easier (unless of course he is to blame for all this mess)! :)

crafty pug said...

thanks so much Alex - all sorted now - see other posts! appreciate you pointing me in the right direction :)