"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it" - George Alliston

"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Friday, December 23, 2011

merry christmas!

well, ive decided - i think my new years resolution will have to be to find some consistent time to blog each week.... anyone else need to join me in that :)

but in the mean time - MERRY CHRISTMAS!  i hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a most joyful start to 2012.

here are my two seeing Father Christmas at the Magic Cave - too cute!

pugs and christmassy kisses

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

favourite daughter in law for the day ;)

i remembered that i hadn't given you an update on the presentation of my mother in law's 60th birthday quilt!  

here is the story....
my mother in law turned 60 and didn't want a big party - she just wanted a holiday with her boys and their families.  my hubby's brother lives in Melbourne with his wife and 3 cute kids and so we are not all together that often.

so they treated us all to a holiday in lovely Apollo Bay, Victoria.  If you ever have the chance to go there, I completely recommend it!  just stunning.  i borrowed my dad's fancy camera for the weekend (i have put one on my christmas wish list, but i don't think santa's budget is going to stretch that far this year!) and took these shots

little human out exploring...

a quiet moment with dad....

learning to surf on uncle's surf board!

getting braver....its in the water!

and of course - the presentation of the quilt.  my MIL loved it!  she is not a quilter or crafty person, but loved the pictures and work of the grandkids of course, but she also took me aside and said how special it was to her, and that she knew so much work must have gone into it....just lovely!

so what can i say - it took me over a year to do, hours of cutting, piecing and quilting, driving to find matching fabric and was it worth it?  i would do it again in a heartbeat.
a very special lady was made happy - what more can you ask for? :)

pugs and kisses