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Saturday, July 31, 2010

homespun design competition update

i mentioned a while ago i was thinking of having a go at entering the homespun design competition.
well, things have been moving along, by that i mean that i have sketched about 10 designs and discarded most of them :)
but i think i have settled on an idea....

looks great doesn't it - yeah right!

i think i will just start having a go making some of the surrounding blocks, and then work on the centre piece later.....the idea at the moment is to embroider a poem on there about boys..... because....

this is the fabric im going to use - some fat quarters i got from the craft fair last year

these are some of the main patterns

and then these are the plainer fabrics, after the little human rearranged them for me :)

love that chubby little wrist :)

and did someone say they were ready for their close up???

argh!  man, that is one harsh flash :)

will let you know when some actual stitching starts on it!!!!

pugs and kisses


Alex said...

Absolutely LOVE the fabrics! What's the name of the range?

crafty pug said...

the selvege says - Holly Holderman #LH08002 "Boy Oh Boy" www.lakehousedrygoods.com
i just love it - will be hard to cut in to :)

Alex said...

Thanks! It'd be so perfect for a newborn quilt! Alas I already have baby quilts planned for my next babies. The nursery is Beatrix Potter so I'll do matching quilts - hopefully with a vintagey look. I have the feature fabric and everything! Now I just have to get the babies somehow! ;-)

crafty pug said...

at least you have organised what you can control! and so organised! the moment you conceive you can stitch!