"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it" - George Alliston

"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Saturday, July 31, 2010

homespun design competition update

i mentioned a while ago i was thinking of having a go at entering the homespun design competition.
well, things have been moving along, by that i mean that i have sketched about 10 designs and discarded most of them :)
but i think i have settled on an idea....

looks great doesn't it - yeah right!

i think i will just start having a go making some of the surrounding blocks, and then work on the centre piece later.....the idea at the moment is to embroider a poem on there about boys..... because....

this is the fabric im going to use - some fat quarters i got from the craft fair last year

these are some of the main patterns

and then these are the plainer fabrics, after the little human rearranged them for me :)

love that chubby little wrist :)

and did someone say they were ready for their close up???

argh!  man, that is one harsh flash :)

will let you know when some actual stitching starts on it!!!!

pugs and kisses

FINISHED! two buck block update

i just realised that i haven't blogged about my recently completed two buck blocks.

here are the two for June and July

love doing them and using thangles - very easy to get nice points - and let's face it, i need all the help i can get :)

love the colour way too - im doing it through Kornacraft which i count as my LQS even though it is 20 minutes away :)  they are offering it in two colour ways - this one (pink) and another one that i think is brown?  they wanted to offer a more masculine one, but was a bit too dark for me.  so this one it is!  i haven't bought the finishing kit, as im not 100% sure what i want to do with them once they are finished, but fun in the meantime

and $2!  can't go wrong ;)

pugs and kisses

ummmm finished? August Block Swap II

ok, now for the not so good bit :) (see last post).

because the Quilting Block Swap Australia is growing and growing - join up at Sue's blog - http://quiltingblockswapsaustralia.blogspot.com/ - or by clicking on the button on the right of this blog - some of us lucky people get to do 2 blocks a month for a new member.  this is another good bit, not the not so good bit :)

the not so good bit is below

this is paola's block - she requested any block in country colours - dark reds, greens, blues, yellows and beige.  and this is what i had a go at - a chain block.  i think it looks ok, took me a bit of fiddling to get the points all to match, and all is well.............until..................i measure it up - and find it is 12" now!  argh!  just like cathy's block!!!!

so, i am well and truly frustrated.  not sure if it is a problem with the block sizes at Quilter's Cache as this was a 12" one too - and according to lovely operator of the site Marcia they should be 12.5".  and the first one i did was 12.5".  so not sure if it is me (i don't think i could be a whole .5" out from piecing? but i could be!!!!) or if it is the site.

and anyway, i have NO IDEA how to draft patterns to size myself or even read a pattern and do the calculations to what the size should turn out to be!  so i am not throwing stones at all - i know i live in a glass house!!!!!

so, solution - i am going to make another block for Paola, this one in fact.  this site reckon that it should 12.5" when it is done.....so if it turns out 12" then we will know it is me!  if it turns out 12.5" then ill breathe a small sigh of satisfaction.  :)

ill let you know!!  so paola - sorry!  ill still post you this one - maybe you can use it somewhere else.....or join a 11.5" swap ;)

pugs and kisses

FINISHED! Henry's praying bear

ok!  first the good news!  Henry's bear is finished, and he is looking like a bear who is praying
this is the good news!
he is certainly not the most well constructed or neatest bear, but that gives him character.
my hubby was encouraging as always and said i had better put a note on him so that people knew that he was handmade, otherwise people will think i got him at the shop - what a sweetie.  but i know that is only because he doesn't know where to look for mistakes, like we do!!!!

this is henry's bear before embroidery - i thought i would include this as he looks like he is doing 'the robot dance'!

and of course as the little human points out, his stuffing is still hanging out!

so later that night, i finished him off.....

he looks rather peaceful after such a traumatic creation, i think ;)

pugs and kisses

Thursday, July 29, 2010

henry's praying bear

the other thing i worked on yesterday in my crafty afternoon was my friend's baby (Henry) present for his upcoming baptism.
they are a catholic family and so i thought a praying bear might be a good idea.
i already had the pattern as i had made the larger dog bear before.

i thought this time i would try the little bear in red

but, as per usual with me trying new things, i was (as they say on Top Gear), ambitious, but rubbish

perhaps not rubbish, but if it wasn't a gift, i would have thrown it out many times throughout the process.  :)  it is drafted like a real dressmakers pattern, which i have no patience with at all!  i want to create something, not trace the pattern, transfer the 1000's of markings, match notches and dots etc.  but of course, if you kind of just wing it, then things go horribly wrong.  so many seams unpicked, i had to resew on both arms and both legs when i realised later on that i had them on the wrong sides, somehow got the whole front muzzle bit wrong and had to redo.  luckily for me the hat will hide a multitude of sins!

on top of this, my sewing machine packed up on the first day i was working on it last week, probably because i was forcing the fabric through the machine to get it over lumps and bumps that weren't fitting.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but a trip to my trusty LQS that isn't actually my LQS fixed it all up, ready for me to mash again yesterday.

but nearly finished now, just have to stuff him and embroider the hands into a praying position.....will post photos when finished.  i was going to take some of the process, but man o man was i annoyed.  and photos showing me unpicking the seam AGAIN aren't that interesting - he he!

pugs and kisses

FINISHED! August Block Swap

i know, i know, it's still july
but sue our chief block-swapper is so organised she already gave out our partners
and hubby had the little human yesterday, so after i finished my study in the morning like a good girl :) i rewarded myself with an afternoon of crafting!!!

so here is cathy's block - she requested any block in red, black and white - i am putting it in the post tomorrow

it's a blackford's beauty block that i found at Quilter's Cache - such a great website!!!!

the only bit i am a bit confused with is the finished size.  you can select on the website patterns for block sizes - handy when you are in a swap that is swapping 12" blocks (there is about 100000000 of them of that size on the site!).

but i have made 2 now - the churn dash block for sue last month and now this one.  sue's turned out to be 12.5" (which would seem right as when it is sewn into a quilt, the finished block will be 12") but cathy's above is 12" now (so would be 11.5" when sewn into a quilt).  so confusion reigns in my brain!

btw i checked with cathy and she graciously said she was happy with the block as is.....what a nice lady!! hopefully it works ok for her :)

pugs and kisses

Sunday, July 25, 2010

little human

totally uncraft-related, but couldn't resist posting some photos of the little human being cute :)

first photo is him 'helping' da-da in the garden - water those 'veggies'

and then all tuckered out after a big arvo outside....smooshy-faced tired :)


pugs and kisses

Saturday, July 24, 2010

drop 1 update

it's gone!
hubby went back about 3 hours later and the package was gone from the seat.  hubby checked to see that hooligan-types hadn't just moved it, or taken it out of the bag and thrown it around, or put it in the bin etc, and it didn't seem to be any of those things.....
so fingers crossed kitty has gone to a good home!

FINISHED! Project toy society - drop number one!

as they say, there is some positive in every situation :)  as i sat waiting at the doctors this morning i finished stitching my softie kitty!

a quick stuffing and he was ready to go!

...i got my tag and letter together

... and then put kitty in his bag ready to be found (don't worry i cut holes in the bag so he wouldn't suffocate)

then for the drop!  hubby and i brainstormed some great locations - i decided that i want to limit my drops to the City of Playford (the council area that we live in).  the toy society encourages you to drop your toys at places where there is street art or a good vibe.....we don't have many of them in playford.  so i decided to focus on places that i thought people would be blessed if they find a free gift.

so first drop!
little human was all ready to go 

and we decided on the park bench that is near our local train station

all ready to be found, picked up and loved by someone!

will go back later today and see if it has been taken - exciting!!!!!

pugs and kisses

Friday Night Sew In July report

FNSI wasn't as much an event this month as last month for me unfortunately.  ive been crook, little human has been crook, and hubby has been working over time for the last month due to end of financial year......so the house is a disaster, im behind in the washing and cleaning etc etc etc.


friday night sew in is friday night sew in....and not to be missed!  so, got the little human to bed, "tidied" the house (ie piled the dirty dishes, put the laundry in the hamper, hid the ironing!) and sat down with hubby in front of the footy. 

my aim was to make 3 softies for The Toy Society......anyone reading this who has any experience making softies probably is laughing at me.....i didn't even get one finished!

but at least i feel like i am on track with project toy society :)

i got out my old scrapbooking paper to use for envelopes.....

and 'collected' all my gear together (yes that is a empty nappy box - can't remember what i used to store stuff in before i had the little human?!)

this is the kitty softie i was working on...

and this is where i was up to when i called it a night last night....started to stitch the front and back together

so all in all, not too bad, and at least i got something started :)

hope you all enjoyed your friday night sew in too!!!

pugs and kisses

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

new look!

i thought the blog could do with a bit of a tickle up....

i am a bit more confident (note: bit) with this whole blogging thing....so thought i would try something new

let me know what you think!

pugs and kisses

project toy society - underway!

today i took a still-not-entirely-happy little human with me to our local spotlight to find some bargains to use in toys for the toy society.....

and man did i come home with a stash!

my very nice hubby is always happy to get behind a good cause and he has found some spare money in the budget to go towards the endevour.  so i have decided to buy some gear, and then keep it separate so it doesn't get frittered away on other projects.  so here is the starting 'pile'.....

some plain acrylic felt....

some funky acrylic felt.....

some cheap cotton fabric (all $4 a metre!)....

some purply flannel and some purple minkee...so soft!

and them some fabric ribbon for that extra special-ness....

i am sure that this stash will last me years!!! there must be 100's of toys in it surely...?  i hope so anyway....hubby's generosity only goes so far ;)

hope to get at least 3 toys done at FNSI so i can drop them on saturday with the little human - should be a lovely experience i hope!

pugs and kisses

the toy society - time to get orgainsed

i joined the toy society some time ago - random acts of kindness in soft toy form - winner!!!
but i haven't actually done anything about it yet, other than admire from afar.
so - crunch time
this friday night sew in will be dedicated to the toy society
i have a new book that i love - simple softies
so i think i will try some of these

off to buy some felt today with the little human - took him to the docs this morning and we both got anti-biotics - me for my throat and he for his ear infection (ahh can't wait til he can talk and say 'mummy my ear hurts' as opposed to AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR etc'

he he

pugs and kisses

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

feeling sick :(

not much sewing has been done lately.  i have had a cold type thing for a week now, but the last 4 days has been a ridiculously annoying cough and a very silly voice.  it is freaking out the little human a bit, as i don't sound anything like usual.
last night for the first time in as long as i can remember, i sat and watched television without stitching anything!
i must be sick!
better rest up for friday night sew in!
pugs and kisses

Thursday, July 15, 2010

FINISHED! July Block Swap

i have recieved my first block swap from Sue.  i requested any block in cream, blues and greens - i love it!  can't wait to see my collection grow!

this is the block i made for Sue.  she requested a churn dash block in creams, blues and browns.  i hadn't made the block before, so not sure if it is what she is after.  hope it is!  the colourings seem a bit harsh to me.....so fingers crossed that she likes it.

such fun to be swapping!
pugs and kisses

little monsters are here!!!

i have officially finished the applique for the little monsters! they are looking cute! i still have to blanket stitch around them to finish them off.

cross eyed dude!

just checking out the scene...

cheeky dude needing a bit of orthodontic work

bit shy, just seeing who is around

octo-wanna be monster

psychedelic monster

and finally cartwheeling, happy go lucky, fuzzy monster

ahh i love these little dudes!

pugs and kisses

FINISHED! Lachlan's Library Bag

ive started a mini project of giving each of my mate's kids a handmade gift for their special events!  i don't think ill let myself be shackled by the project :) but i am on my way!  Marley's quilt was the first one, and now Lachlan's 2nd birthday library bag!

i have also started working on henry's baptism praying teddy. but after a couple of hours working on it today, i was reminded why i don't really enjoy making dolls etc! so annoying trying to keep all the pieces aligned - i am not a patient person :)
anyhoo, at least this one is done! will keep working on the teddy :)

pugs and kisses

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

quilting block swap group

well - i am excited!  i have joined a block swap group!  i was keen for quite awhile, but could only find international ones.
but then along came Quilting Block Swaps - Australia!
so excited!
because i joined a bit late in the month, i am making a block for the swap operator (or whatever her title is!) Sue.  she is asking for a churn dash block in creams, blues and browns.
ive never made one of these blocks - so im looking forward to having a go!
will keep you updated!
pugs and kisses

Monday, July 12, 2010

homespun design competition

i think i am going to have a go at designing a quilt and submitting it to the Homespun design competition.
bit scary, bit exciting, bit not sure where to start!
got some good inspiration while in melbourne this weekend - so have to have a go in my sketch book and see what happens
ill keep you posted!
pugs and kisses

back from Melbourne

we are just back from Melbourne after visiting hubby's brother and his family.  they have just had a new baby boy - he is very very cute!
the little human is well known for being TERRIBLE in the car - screaming, crying, complaining - after a very short amount of time strapped in.  but this trip he did FANTASTIC!
but this weekend, no craft opportunities and not even an opportunity to visit a fabric shop! :(
so will have to make up for it this week :) he he
pugs and kisses

Monday, July 5, 2010

Friday Night Sew In - July

just found out!!!  Friday Night Sew In is on again!!!! July 23rd - can't wait!  click on the button in my side bar and join in the fun :)

butterfly garden quilt - let's get moving!

haven't mentioned this quilt before, but i fell in love with it absolutely a few years ago.

this is it - the butterfly garden quilt by Leanne's House - just lovely!

i decided when i got it that i would do it all by hand (not sure why.....slightly regretting it now that i am more confident with my machine!).  but i have been working away at it for a while now.

it is made up of 9 blocks each made up of 9 mini blocks.  i have finished 2 blocks and then 3 mini blocks for the 3rd block.....but want to keep it moving.

so i have tried to make it part of my sew daily challenge that i have spoken about before from the about.com quilting forum and at least now i feel i am on some kind of track!

these are the latest 3 mini blocks....i just love the design, colours etc...

i did have a mini disaster last christmas when i took everything i had done away to piece it together into the larger blocks....and my spray bottle leaked in my sewing basket all through a printed pattern.  the ink 'melted' all through the blocks!  argh! i soaked them in various brands of stain remover to varying results....in the end i had to unpiece some of them and replace fabrics with different ones, and then make sure that i have enough to piece some into the remaining to keep the colours consistent. 

got to keep focused!

pugs and kisses

little monsters looking cute!!

a few more monsters are getting done!  i am stoked with them - very cute indeed.  i particularly love the eyes and the different mouth shapes.  gives them real character and personality.

love yellow monster - looks ready to jump out the quilt and play!

serious green monster is also cute - looks slightly concerned by what the other monsters are doing

spotty blue monster looks like he may have had a few too many monster brews at the monster mash party last night ;)

and level headed orange monster....quiet, sensitive, a solid monster you can depend on. 

pugs and kisses