"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it" - George Alliston

"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Friday, January 28, 2011

some goodies, some work...

hello fellow crafters!
hope this blog finds you well today. we are heading for a hot spell here in adelaide, and today was quite warm out here

but happiness in the mail box!
i got this lovely package from melody for the regular block swap for jan.
she put in some iron ons for the little human, and a lovely 'crafty pig' tape measure that i LOVE!

and this is her block - a doggy block!

then a bit of my work.  hubby decided that puglet HAD to have a quilt like the little human's and so the jungle quilt has started.  the plan is to have this middle panel, the red, the yellow with 'little *****'s jungle' on it (the little human's says 'little ****'s farm) and then some blown up applique blocks with 6 of the animals from the panel.
so far, i have bought a lot of blending fabric.....and sewn on two pieces....better get a move on!

but in good news, i finished my friend's wedding quilt.....i am seeing her tomorrow, so that is great too.  i am happy with how it turned out.  i still have to sew the binding on the back..

and just for good measure, here is a photo of the little human and mickey.  the little human has just realised that if he climbs onto the back of the couch, he can see from the lounge room into the kitchen - he is pretty pleased with himself, and thought that mickey needed to see too.

in the hot weather i am definitely feeling pregnant, and now i really look pregnant (which in some ways is better than just looking fat!).  not looking forward to 39 tomorrow and then 40 degrees on sunday - but we are lucky because we have air con - so can't really complain (but i probably will!)

stay cool, or warm, depending on where you are in the world!

pugs and hot kisses

Saturday, January 22, 2011

whew - jan block swaps finished!

i must admit i was slightly nervous there - but they came together not too bad (which doesn't always happen for me! he he)

the first is a sneak peak of the owl block made for melody in Vic

and this is the christmas block made for Ann in Canada

this is the pack that i put together in response to the project run by the lovely Jenny. if you want to contribute you can go here for the info.

the idea is that each pack would be a little re-starter for someone who lost all their sewing gear in the flood.

so each pack contains - a fat quarter, some needles, some scissors, an armchair caddy with pin cushion and 6 skiens of thread.  a lovely idea, and the armchair caddy instructions they provided came together really quickly.  you don't have to send it in a drawstring bag, but they appreciate it if you do.

only a small thing, but hopefully a ray of sunshine in someone otherwise crappy month

pregnancy update - puglet is moving around lots and i can feel it now. i forgot how cool that part is - makes it seem more real somehow, like im not just getting really fat :) we've started cleaning out the spare room to be puglet's room and we are having to be ruthless with what we had in there! so lots going to the op shop, hubby's hurting - he's a bit of a hoarder. but im loving it because im a chucker!!!!

ive designed a jungle themed quilt for puglet's room based around a panel that i bought at the craft fair - will show you some when i have a chance to make some blocks. also have to do the boring stuff like hemming curtains etc - blah! :)

hope the week is treating you well!

pugs and kisses always

Monday, January 17, 2011

i love the post man - lucky me!!!!

lucky lucky me!  i was the lucky winner in Shauna's prize draw!!!!!

that was back in october, and apparently she had a bit of trouble with the postman with a few of her deliveries that month and mine original prize went missing.....
i honestly thought that that was just one of those things that happens in life and my prize was being enjoyed by some postman's crafty wife ;)

but lucky me, Shauna reposted - AND CAN I SAY A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!

the pack contains 8 fat quarters, a great ruler, a lovely scrappy pattern, a needlepack and my fave, a me and my sisters charm pack in a tin with a lovely baby pattern enclosed - the fabric is splish splash - so birght and colourful
it has made my day - thank you again

pugs and lucky kisses

Friday, January 14, 2011

crafty ways to help those in the Queensland floods

hi ladies
i know that this has been posted on many blogs, put if anyone is interested in crafty ways to help out those affected by the Queensland floods here in Oz, here are two ladies organising projects

1. make a sewing kit with supplies to be given to someone who has lost theirs -

2. send in QAYG blocks so that quilts can be made for those in need -

much love, pugs and kisses

RECEIVED! Linda's block swap for December

just heard from Linda that her block safely arrived to her! here is the whole thing! i really love the fabric - so cute

pugs and kisses

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy new year to all!!!!

i am finally sitting down at the computer and trying to get out of holiday mode and back into routine!  so a quick update on the past few weeks.  hubby is back at work, so no real excuse :)

first - christmas!
we had a great time, and this year, the little human 'got it'.  he was terrified of santa, but LOVED opening presents.  we had fun with both sides of our family in different ways and settings, and the little human was of course spoiled beyond belief!

this is a photo of him in the wading pool his grandparents gave him - he LOVES it.  there has been much swimming, splashing, and jumping in it over the last week or so.

second - time away
we spent a week in the lovely SA seaside town of Robe.  if you ever get the chance, i highly recommend spending some time there - very relaxing, not yet "over-touristy", and the beaches are gorgeous.  the little human LOVED riding his bike, splashing in the waves, digging in the sand and generally running around.

the only problem was that he has this little habit when we go away on holidays.  he wakes up progressively earlier, by around 1/2 hour per day.....so on the last day we were there, he woke up at 4.30am........not happy.
we have a caravan, so he was sitting in his bed, yelling 'mummy, up, mummy, up, beach, beach'.  this is not a good way to win friends and influence people in a caravan park and so leaving him to cry was not an option.  so by the time we got home, we were all very tired, and the little human has thankfully quickly got back into his routine -whew

third - crafty pressies!
i was well and truly spoiled with cards and gifts from my bloggy friends - thank you!

i received this beautiful card from "the Cat's mother" from our block swap group.  the photo doesn't do it justice - it is the 12 days of christmas around the endges with the patridge in a pear tree in the middle - just gorgeous.

i got this lovely christmas coaster from Leena, also in the swap group - thank you!

the lovely Larain also sent me some gorgeous charms squares of the most whimical fabric - can't wait to make something lovely with them - thank you!

lastly - block updates!
i have received the most BEAUTIFUL blocks in the swaps for the month of december

first Christmas swaps - from Micki in Ireland - i think this might be my favourite ever block - i just love the pure white with the dark red - gorgeous

and then this beauty from Linda - its a north west south east block - with some spare fabric of the red holly - beautiful

then the regular swap - this from Gina all the way from Brazil - complete with lovely little crochet flowers! lucky me

a big thank you to all!!!!

now i have to get to work on my January block swaps - better get a wiggle on - i am sure it will be February before i know it!

pugs and kisses

p.s. i forgot a pregnancy update - i am now pretty much half way through the cooking puglet part :) my morning sickness has mostly stayed away - thankfully!  i am now at that fat and uncomfortable stage where my back has gone and i can't sleep for more than a few hours at a time because i have to pee - he he.  the little human has started saying he is going to be a big brother and comes up and kisses my tummy - but he has no idea what is about to rock his little world!!!!  my 19 week ultrasound showed a normally developing little person - i just love seeing puglet on the screen, move around, wave etc.  i worked out how to scan and insert a piccie of the puglet - isn't s/he cute!