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- Author unknown

Saturday, July 31, 2010

FINISHED! two buck block update

i just realised that i haven't blogged about my recently completed two buck blocks.

here are the two for June and July

love doing them and using thangles - very easy to get nice points - and let's face it, i need all the help i can get :)

love the colour way too - im doing it through Kornacraft which i count as my LQS even though it is 20 minutes away :)  they are offering it in two colour ways - this one (pink) and another one that i think is brown?  they wanted to offer a more masculine one, but was a bit too dark for me.  so this one it is!  i haven't bought the finishing kit, as im not 100% sure what i want to do with them once they are finished, but fun in the meantime

and $2!  can't go wrong ;)

pugs and kisses

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Maria said...

Beautiful Blocks.