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Monday, July 5, 2010

butterfly garden quilt - let's get moving!

haven't mentioned this quilt before, but i fell in love with it absolutely a few years ago.

this is it - the butterfly garden quilt by Leanne's House - just lovely!

i decided when i got it that i would do it all by hand (not sure why.....slightly regretting it now that i am more confident with my machine!).  but i have been working away at it for a while now.

it is made up of 9 blocks each made up of 9 mini blocks.  i have finished 2 blocks and then 3 mini blocks for the 3rd block.....but want to keep it moving.

so i have tried to make it part of my sew daily challenge that i have spoken about before from the about.com quilting forum and at least now i feel i am on some kind of track!

these are the latest 3 mini blocks....i just love the design, colours etc...

i did have a mini disaster last christmas when i took everything i had done away to piece it together into the larger blocks....and my spray bottle leaked in my sewing basket all through a printed pattern.  the ink 'melted' all through the blocks!  argh! i soaked them in various brands of stain remover to varying results....in the end i had to unpiece some of them and replace fabrics with different ones, and then make sure that i have enough to piece some into the remaining to keep the colours consistent. 

got to keep focused!

pugs and kisses

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