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Thursday, July 29, 2010

FINISHED! August Block Swap

i know, i know, it's still july
but sue our chief block-swapper is so organised she already gave out our partners
and hubby had the little human yesterday, so after i finished my study in the morning like a good girl :) i rewarded myself with an afternoon of crafting!!!

so here is cathy's block - she requested any block in red, black and white - i am putting it in the post tomorrow

it's a blackford's beauty block that i found at Quilter's Cache - such a great website!!!!

the only bit i am a bit confused with is the finished size.  you can select on the website patterns for block sizes - handy when you are in a swap that is swapping 12" blocks (there is about 100000000 of them of that size on the site!).

but i have made 2 now - the churn dash block for sue last month and now this one.  sue's turned out to be 12.5" (which would seem right as when it is sewn into a quilt, the finished block will be 12") but cathy's above is 12" now (so would be 11.5" when sewn into a quilt).  so confusion reigns in my brain!

btw i checked with cathy and she graciously said she was happy with the block as is.....what a nice lady!! hopefully it works ok for her :)

pugs and kisses


Sue said...

The block is gorgeous! I am sure Cathy will love it and you are certainly organised to have it done already. I know what you mean with the sizes, I always do a skint 1/4 inch seam just in case, I figure if its too big it can be trimmed.

Sue said...

ps. Did you get my email with a second swap for you for August, so just as well you got this one done early.

crafty pug said...

thanks sue! ive sent you emails back

Quiet Quilter said...

That block is so pretty. I love your choice of fabric. She will love it!

Maria said...

Wow you are good. Love your choice of colours. I have put the link into my favorites. won't go to it now as it is after 1am.

Alex said...

You've done a magnificent job! I always end up with smaller blocks too. I suspect my 1/4" on the machine is a little generous!

crafty pug said...

thanks all! x

chook said...

oh dear I have just had the same problem with my churn dash block for sue
I am going to try again
wish me luck
your block is beautiful hugs Beth

Cathy said...

many thanks, your block arrived today
this block is gawgeous in real life ;-)
I can see me using this block pattern in the future