"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it" - George Alliston

"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Monday, May 31, 2010

blush quilt

ok, last post for today - not sure if this is how you are supposed to 'blog' but i wanted to get everything up to date with what i am working on at the moment!

so - the blush quilt. as mentioned, the fabric is beautiful - i loved it from the first time i saw it. love the big paisley prints.

anyhoo, this is one of those things that snowballed. i bought one charm pack at a local quilt show. then decided that i loved it too much to just put it in the stash. so i started looking for a pattern that i could use it up immediately! i found this one that i loved - 2 charm packs, one yard, plus. so i then HAD to buy another pack, and some blocking fabric (shame!).

but i do like it! and i did some 'chaining' i think its called. very very fast - pieced all squares from 2 charm packs in about a half an hour - awesome!

anyhoo, will post some photos of the blocks once i have them laid out. will have to do that when the little human is asleep too i think :)

pugs and kisses (and zzzzzzzzzzzs's for me now!)

little monsters!!

well! here is the next project for the little human - the little monster quilt made by Kellie of Don't Look Now (see blog list for link)

I love her work and can't wait to make this for my little monster! her version is here

as you can see, lots of colour, lots of patterns - i had a great time raiding my stash and buying small amounts of EVERYTHING that i liked in the fabric store! the current picks are arranged below

also blessed by my in laws with the background fabric for my birthday - so very very nice and exciting!

i love having all these things on the go - but i need to stay disciplined (a bit!) to get them finished!

anyhoo, in the meantime, excited!

pugs and kisses

directions of prints?

i am HOPELESS with colour, mixing and matching, picturing how things will look etc. i usually follow a pattern slavishly and only very rarely think of something completely original.
but im ok with that! hopefully ill get more confident, but in the mean time, things like this really do my head in!

this is a charm square from the moda fabric range called "blush". isn't it just lovely! i am using it to make a lap quilt for while i stitch at night.

what way does this print 'go'? which way looks 'better'? how do i decide? :)

not sure at all!

ah well, i guess i decide when it all comes together

pugs and kisses

crafty pug space!

thought i would post some photos of the crafty pug space as it stands at the moment!
i am very fortunate to have a space in our back shed that hubby transformed into a very nice extra room.

here is the true hero! my second sewing machine - i love it!

this is the latest pastime for the little human while i craft - loves to make cups of tea!

and this is the little human amongst the material stash - i move the tubs around from time to time to create different mazes - lots of fun! (also apparently if you have toothpaste to carry around - where did he get that from!?!?)

:) a happy and productive space!

pugs and kisses

birdie quilt

here are the photos of some of the completed blocks for the birdie quilt.

for some reason the little human REALLY likes to grab them and throw them around as soon as i lay them out any where! so apprently i am going to have to work the layout out during a sleep :)

pugs and kisses

jan's quilt

as mentioned previously, my lovely mother in law is turning 60 next year and so i am attempting a signature quilt. below is the first block! i am really happy with how the fabrics look!

will keep you updated as it progresses
pugs and kisses

31 years young

i had a lovely day yesterday - my 31st birthday. things are a bit different with the little human now...no more breakfast in bed, or sleep ins for ever, but very nice to be woken by a mini person carrying a block of chocolate!
my pressie from my mum and dad was a gift voucher for The Secret Drawer in Robe! so excited when we go there to spend some time after christmas - beautiful beaches, and a trip to the quilt store - can't ask for more!
part of my pressie from my hubby is a 'craft day' where he will look after the little human and i get to craft, craft, craft! might take a while to actually get that day, but i am hanging out for it!
pugs and kisses

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

poor little human

today saw the little human have an unhappy day, and so not much opportunity for crafty pursuits. he is on antibiotics for a bacterial nappy rash, but the antibiotics is making him grumpier than the nappy rash was! ah well

i am working on a couple of quilts at the moment - nice to have a few things on the go!

First is a quilt for my mother in laws 60th birthday next year. will be a signature quilt with pics and drawings from the grandkids. a lovely lady, amanda, designed a quilt for me using some fabrics
i won in a competition from Homespun - awesome! this is amanda's blog

anyhoo, this is the great design she came up with - i think the blocks look great! will post one when i get a chance to take a photo

the other quilt i am working on is a quilt using the Birdie range of fabric that i bought at last year's craft fair in a jelly roll

this is the pattern that i am using from the moda bake shop - such a great site for using up the pre cut strips that i can't resist buying from time to time!

anyhoo, time for a cup of tea - the little human is in bed asleep - gotta get one in while i can!

pugs and kisses

Monday, May 24, 2010

Christmas Creations

here are some christmas creations! first is a wall hanging quilted with applique. we hung it for the month of december last year and thinking of making that a tradition! from Art to Heart - i love their gear! Joy to the World

this is an advent calander. felt handmade pieces get velcro-ed to the background each day until christmas! there is a bible verse for each day too - we enjoyed this last christmas, but i guess will love it even more as the little human gets older.

this is after christmas when all the pieces are out!


pugs and kisses

Sunday, May 23, 2010

little human

wow! tough day with the little human today.....he has a bad nappy rash and is on antibiotics. think 'grumpy'! anyhoo, hubby was great as always and let me sleep in on a sunday - ahhhhhhhhh.
speaking of the little human, i thought i would post some of the things that i have made for him.

the first is a play quilt that we use mostly on the lawn out the back. a good size for rolling around on, and i am not very precious about it (mostly because hubby got paint on it while painting the pergola over the sandpit! oh well!)

this is the blanket that i embroidered for the little human while he was still a little embryo! we didn't find out what sex the baby was going to be, so a green backed duckling was the order of the day. Made from this book -
The World's Most Beautiful Embriodered Blankets

this is a part of the ABC wall freize that runs around his room - a big fave. made from this pattern - I know my ABC's
- but with the adjustments so it is phonetically correct

and finally the little human inside his 'soft snake'. very nice for rolling around in and jumping on :)

so lovely to make things for him - i really enjoy it!

post soon
pugs and kisses

Friday, May 21, 2010

past creations

i thought it might be a good idea to start with where i have been, before i blog about where i am or where i am going!
here are a few photos of some things i have made over the years.

this is the 'little maccas farm' quilt that i made for my little human, but changed it to be our family last name. it hangs on the wall in little human's room above his cot. he loves to jump on his cot and try and touch it - very cute

this is a 'taggie' that i made for a friend's new addition. they are SO expensive in the shops, but pretty basic when you look at their construction. i found some great blogs about how to make them, (see here and here) and have made quite a few now for new babies! handy because you can also embroider on the name :)

will post some more photos soon!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

First ever...

well, well, well. first ever post....what do i say?
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)
i started this blog to keep track of some of the craft projects that i am having a bash at. hopefully you find something that is helpful or interesting or thought provoking.....
i am not sure practically how often i will be able to post, hopefully regularly though!
pugs and kisses
crafty pug