"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it" - George Alliston

"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Saturday, July 24, 2010

drop 1 update

it's gone!
hubby went back about 3 hours later and the package was gone from the seat.  hubby checked to see that hooligan-types hadn't just moved it, or taken it out of the bag and thrown it around, or put it in the bin etc, and it didn't seem to be any of those things.....
so fingers crossed kitty has gone to a good home!


Sue said...

That is sooo cute and so is your little one, he is adorable. xx

Alex said...

Yay that's so exciting!! Do you feel like a spy? *lol*

crafty pug said...

thanks guys!
and yep - i did feel like a spy....
had to make sure no one saw me, sneak in a photo etc
very exciting!!

Cathy said...

great job!
this reminded me I have to finish mine ;-)

Vivian said...

What a great idea. I have often thought of making quilts for the foster children or children taken from bad situations and placed in DHS care but thought it may be a big job. (Even though I live in a small town.) But you know, making them a cute little toy to cuddle may be a good alternative. Thanks for the idea.