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Monday, August 16, 2010

UPDATE! boy oh boy quilt

the top centre piecing is finished!! i am pretty happy with it i think - happy for my first attempt at designing something myself anyway :)

as you can see, it is 8 pieced 9 patch blocks around a centre, which will have embroidered words from the poem/nursery rhyme 'what are little boys made of?'

this is a close up of one of the corners - i totally cheated when putting on the setting triangles as i didn't know how to actually do it.  so i wasted HEAPS of material, but at least i got the look i wanted

and these are the threads im going to embroider the centre with

still have to think about an outer border and then binding. i definitely don't have enough left of my fat quarter bundle for a solid outer border, and i think that is what it needs to finish it off - not more busy-ness. so may have to have a trip out to Quiltaholics - not my LQS but the one that i know of that has the biggest range.  so i am thinking they may have a green to match in.  i tried to find more of the fabric online, but without success - must be an older line?

so overall a good weekends work! luckily for me, the little human has just discovered that hiding is so much fun, and so a big box in my sewing area has meant about 1 hour of happy play at a time - so able to do more in larger blocks, which always seems to achieve more than little bits of time here and there. but mind you, ill take anything!

pugs and kisses


Maria said...

Great quilt. Hope you find your matching fabric.

Yes little humans always seem to love boxes even my DD2 10 and GS2 6 last Xmas had so much fun playing in the BIG boxes my outdoor setting come in.

crafty pug said...

more fun than the present in the box!

Alex said...

Love the quilt! BTW have you tried www.quiltshops.com? They search over 200 online stores for whatever fabric range.

Cheryll said...

I think you've done a really GREAT job. You should be very proud of yourself! No doubt you'll find just the right border fabric to complete the quilt:)

Sue said...

It looks fabulous, Its always so rewarding to design your own quilt or even tweek an existing pattern to make it more you. xx

crafty pug said...

thanks so much for the encouragement!!