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"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FINISHED! Adeline's tagged blankie

a lovely young couple that we know have had a baby prem - but thankfully everything is going ok for mum and bubs

they have called the little girl Adeline - a name i love!!!

anyhoo, here is the tagged blanket i made here - her name is embroidered in the middle using the curly font on my sewing machine.

so easy to make - this was 1/2 hour total!

hopefully it brings some joy

pugs and kisses

p.s. don't forget FNSI sign ups!!!


Maria said...

Pleased Adeline is okay. Love the tag blankie. My friend has make one for my GGC.

crafty pug said...

thanks maria!

Cheryll said...

Excuse my innocence...but what's a tagged blanket?

crafty pug said...

no excusing needed! a tagged blanket (or brandname 'taggies') are blankets or books or balls or other soft things, with ribbons sew into the seams. a comfort kind of thing for babies. someone noticed that babies love playing with the tags on toys (where it says where it was made, and how to wash it etc)and decided that more tags could only be better! unfortunately, they also decided that $40 for a blanket wasn't undreasonable in the shops! but they are pretty easy to make, and babies generally love them! so mine above is some flannel with ribbons sewn into the seams and a button hole at the top with a teether in it. hope that explains it

Cheryll said...

Oh...what a wonderful idea. When I become a grandmother (no...no news yet)...I'll have lots of fun projects to make. THANKS!