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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FINISHED! Crafty Money Keeper

we all are living in tough-er times and so it is appropriate (if unwanted) that crafty money is more tightly controlled......i think :)

see, this is what happens when opposites attract - picture young crafty pug, full of energy, conversation and craziness, meets future hubby, down to earth, stable, good listener, financial conservative. they fall in love and get married


anyhoo, as they say, you fall in love with the strengths, you go home with the problems :)  that sounds much more dire than it actually is :)  i love my husband and he is a wonderful husband, father and bloke!  but....

and one of the big differences in our lives is the way that hubby and i deal with money - me, free wheeling and spending - you need money, here have it! i want that pretty thing, yes please! fabric is on sale, better buy 4 times as much!

of course, little human comes along, im now at home and income is less.....so! budget time. mind you, we always had a budget of course - hubby looks after that! but apparently, he just let the crazy craft spending go! but now, we can't do that anymore....

this is good for me - discipline in your life is not something to be sneered at (the pile of UFO's in my sewing area is laughing at me).

so i now get cash in hand to purchase craft gear - this again is good for me, because if i don't have the cash, i don't buy the gear. (the 'out' clause for me in this is that we have a separate budget line for 'presents' and often my creations fall into that category - whew!).

i didn't want to carry around the crafty money in my normal purse, and so i created a crafty money keeper!

fabo prints charming fabric from my not-LQS (that was in my stash) and a wooden button that my mum brought me back from Tassie, made from some kind of tree that is purpose grown for buttons (or something).  they aren't washable, so limited in their use, but i thought a very appropriate addition to the money keeper.....a reminder that all things have a use for something (and i can picture my mother's stern 'telling off face' - argh!)

i just opened up a paper envelope and used it as a template...

i put the button hole off centre for the purse, but in the middle of the green-y semi-circle.  not sure if i am happy with that look, but you can't redo button holes!!!!

but the best part of all - i have managed to be disciplined for 2 whole pays now....so there is some crafty money in the crafty money keeper, being saved up to buy backing, sashing and batting to finish off my Birdie Quilt

any frugal tips to pass on?

pugs and kisses


Quiet Quilter said...

That is adorable...If I had one, I would have to make the button hole a little longer, ditch the button (although it is a cute one), and then stitch the flap close.

Then I would have to stuff the paper money in the holder and couldn't get it out without undoing the stitching....maybe I could save then..

Sue said...

I cant comment on money spending, as it burns a hole in my wallet. Lucky for me that my kids have grown and left the nest but now we have grandchildren to buy for, and kids have weddings that are very expesive - and on it goes. I call my savings account my spendings account as I cant save. My best tip, is I sell left over quilting fabric, from projects on ebay, and then use this money to buy more fabric on ebay. Or if I buy a bulk lot of fat quarters on ebay, and dont like a few of them, I sell off the ones I wont use. I have been amazed that people buy a bag of a dozen odd shaped triangles from me for a few dollars.

crafty pug said...

i love your thoughts quiet quilter - i won't tell hubby though - he will agree!!!!

thanks for your tips sue - ive always been a bit nervous of ebay, but perhaps i should bite the bullet?