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- Author unknown

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

sneak peak! boy oh boy quilt (aka Homespun's design competition entry)

ive renamed this quilt to be more user friendly :) it will henceforth be known as The Boy Oh Boy quilt

ive started some actual stitching on my entry in the homespun's design competition!

this will be the top border

but still more blocks to stitch

it seems to be coming together ok i think - ive never really done anything like this before! so just on feel :)

pugs and kisses


Alex said...

It looks amazing! The fabric is like scrapbooking paper! If you don't win they need to have their judges' eyes tested (among other things)! (I'll be sure to write in with that suggestion;-P)

Cathy said...

just lovely!
looking forward to see how this comes together

Maria said...

Love the colours and fabric you are using.

crafty pug said...

thanks for the encouragement! the fabric is so lovely and bright - my little human keeps nicking the blocks off my sewing table and throwing them in the air repeatedly - i think this is a good sign as to their appeal :)

Sue said...

Its very sweet