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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

QUESTION! how do you store your blocks?

this is now a very important question for me because i have blocks to store! he he

i have the lovely ones from the block swap group, and the ones from the two buck block BOM

plus i have some UFO blocks just hanging around

so........i made this ages ago when i was making the little human's little macca's farm quilt which was a BOM too.

and opened out....

handy, because it rolls up quite small, but it also creases and bunches all the blocks up

how do you store yours? 

pugs and kisses


Alex said...

Mine just get stuffed wherever til they're needed but I do intend to make a large block roll in a class when the LQS next offers it. They seem to work well for the girl who have made them.

I know some people who use (clean) pizza boxes.

Sue said...

I hang mine on skirt hangers in the wardrobe, this way they stay flat after I have ironed them, and the clips dont make much of a dent. also, If I have joined a few together they are still ok to hang.

crafty pug said...

i like that idea sue - keep them nice and crinkle free!