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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quilted Hugs for Alex

i have been dying to share this post with you FOR AGES! but had to be patient so as not to ruin the surprise!

for readers of her blog, you will know that Alex is going through some rough times.  Alex is a crafty gal, who is a very encouraging member of Quilting Block Swaps Australia.

a group of us from the block swap (Maria, Beth, Cathy, Cheryll, Sue and Larain - super chicks!) wanted to bless her by making her a quilt with blocks in the theme of 'hugs, kisses and hearts' in pink and cream.  it took only 5 weeks from woe to go - amazing what you can do when you  put your mind to it!

everyone did such a great job with the theme and in the end we named the quilt 'Quilted Hugs', which is the sign off for Sue, our block swap mummy.

Alex let us know that she received it today and said that she cried, and that it felt like getting a giant hug.
that makes it all worthwhile (and brings a tear to my eye while i type this - soppy pug!)

so these are the blocks i made!
this baby bunting to remind Alex of the block swap group (this is what she is collecting)

and this double cross block because it looked like a kiss!

but i have to admit that i didn't have these pink fabrics in my stash!  i had  no lady-like soft nice pink like Alex likes.  only fluro, brights and spots!  so oh well, a trip to the LQS was in order!!  it is nice to look in different ranges that you don't normally choose - a step outside the comfort zone!

then to finish off, i thought something a bit different might be nice.  this design was taken from Homepsun's BOM series and changed a little bit

and this is the whole thing - don't all the blocks look great!

and this is the 'craft magazine shot' - always wanted to do one ;)

whew!  what a whirlwind!

so glad it made alex happy, and i hope it will keep her in quilted hugs for many years to come

pugs and slightly soppy kisses

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Alex said...

Waaaahhhhh! I'm bawling again! You are one incredible Pug! The colours and blocks and fabrics are just so perfect! I hope Mr Pug wasn't too cross about your trip to the LQS! And FIVE WEEKS? You're a wonder Pug! Thank you so much!