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- Author unknown

Saturday, October 9, 2010

organised pug!

thought that i would share with you my craft area today!

we live in a 3 bedroom semi detached house - and every square inch of space is utilised!  when they built our house in the 50's they obviously didn't believe in CUPBOARDS! :)  anyhoo, it is cosy and has a great feel about it, and we love it!

we also have a large shed out the back, and when we bought the place it was unlined and unfloored, but we saw potential.  hubby worked very hard to get it all up to a useable standard, and now it is awesome!  we were storing a lot of 'stuff' in there (hubby loves to hoard - "but what if we need it one day??") but over the last couple of months we have been having a big clean out.

we now have space for a spare couch set, some exercise gear, a big run around space for the little human (handy when it is wet outside) and a great craft area for yours truly!

so here is a tour ....
- as you can see, a great cutting table made by my dad (thanks pug senior), fabric stash sorted into colours in tubs, my mags all on top of the filing cabinets

my beloved horn table that was my birthday pressie a couple of years back from my folks, ironing board so i don't get lazy in between piecing, and trusty machine

and of course lots of tubs for storage in an old bookshelf

very nice to have it all set up and ready to go for even 5 minutes of stitching

what a lucky puggy i am!

anyone else want to share where they create?

pugs and kisses for a happy saturday


Sue B said...

This is a great space Crafty - My sewing space is a spare bedroom that I converted when my son fell in love, bought a house and moved out. I will blog about it on my site.

Quiet Quilter said...

You have a better organized space than I do in a large bedroom. Nice!

Brigitte said...

It looks like sewing heaven.

Robyns Home in the Mountains said...

Oh another wonderful space...Lovely idea to share it might just inspire me to get my room sorted...If only I had a day off from work...Thanks for sharing

Quilting Mom said...

What a wonderful sewing room! Enjoy!

Stray Stitches said...

Great sewing area! We are putting thoughts into turning our one car garage into a craft room - someday........
Thanks for sharing!

Alex said...

Wow you have the most fantastic sewing area! I have a desk (which DS constantly reminds me is HIS desk) shoved into the corner of the livingroom and normally it's buried undr a mountain of UFOs!