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- Author unknown

Thursday, September 23, 2010

whew! little monsters is hard work!

this is the little monsters i am talking about - the image is from the Don't Look Now blog and i don't presume that mine will look anything like it!

at the moment it looks like this

so there is a lot of circle work to do!

the pattern says to do needleturn applique, but if i want to give it to the little human before he is a massive human, fusible web it is for me!

how many circles can you fit on one piece of web?

then cut them out and fuse them to the various colours

here they are ready for cutting!

but i need to get back to my Boy Oh Boy quilt for the Homespun design competition - the deadline is looming!  i need to get stitching!

speaking of little monsters hard at work, here is my little monster hard at work with his toys.  this is the very famous duckie - loved above all else.  i feel like he is part of the family - he has his own bib at meal times, and drinks from the little human's cup.  he must be involved in story time and has a special spot in the bathroom while the little human is in the bath so he doesn't get wet, but is still part of the action.

once i have a bit more time, i will have to make duckie his own quilt :)

pugs and kisses


Maria said...

I just love that Monster Quilt. Why don't you just machine appique the circles .Quick and easy and DURABLE for the Little CUTE Human

Sue B said...

Its looking great, I love all the bright colours - such a fun quilt

Stray Stitches said...

You have a lot of work ahead of you but so far it looks great! Love the little guy and his duck too!

crafty pug said...

thanks all! the plan is to fuse the circles on and then when quilting free motion around them....i guess we'll see how that works out!
the original pattern calls for trapunzo - im not that brave yet :)

Cheryll said...

Now I realise where the original pic (posted previously)is heading....looks FaNtAsTiC.