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- Author unknown

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

trip to quiltaholics!

lucky me!  i had a training course to do this morning in magill, and once it had finished i thought.............hmmmmmmmmmmmmm................perhaps i should drop in on quiltaholics!  they have a huge shop with tons of fabric and i love just wandering around!

i needed to get a border and backing for my Boy O Boy quilt, but i also got a little distracted - whoops!

i saw this lovely farmyard fabric and thought the little human would love an eye spy quilt using it!  he is at that animal noise stage and i can imagine lots of moos, clucks, quacks, neighs and baas coming from this quilt (so i better get onto it before he is 10 and thinks it is SOOOOO uncool!)

but i did also find what i went for - i think this is a lovely contrast...

and the best bit..........the stars GLOW IN THE DARK!!!! how AWESOME is that!!! i love it!  i took the little human into his room and turned out the lights.  he appropriately said 'ooooooooooooooo'
good boy!

this is a close up of the stitching on the Boy O Boy quilt - it is definitely getting there!

gotta get a wiggle on though - not much time left!

it is a long weekend here in SA, and hubby, little human and i are taking the van out again (we are hoping for less wind this time!) so the plan is while we are away to finish the embroidery on the Boy O Boy quilt and hand stitch the binding on the back of another quilt - fingers crossed!

pugs and kisses to all


Quilting Mom said...

I love your fabric choices! I will be a grandma for the first time in January! Who was the designer for the line?

Cheryll said...

Oh what FuN you had! Good choice of fabric too.

Maria said...

Oh I am sure the little human will LOVEEEEEEEE the farmyard fabric made into a cuddley quilt.

Cathy said...

oooh - love the fact that the stars glow in the dark!
Have been to Quiltaholics - I could have spent all day in there just looking at the fabric, but I had hubby with me ;-) he was a good sport though, we ended being there for an hour!

Larain said...

Wow stars that glow in the dark, every little boys dream. Quiltaholics sounds like just my kind of shop. Thanks god it is in SA and not far north NSW. Little boys are so great to sew for as their imagination is just sooo wide. I bet he loves it to pieces.

Brigitte said...

A glowing quilt is so "cool". What fun.
Thanks for commenting on quiltsampler.blogspot.com