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Saturday, September 4, 2010

FINISHED! September Block Swap

have a mentioned that I LOVE being in this block swap!!!!  so much fun!  click on the link in the side bar to join up - US and Canada residents now welcomed :)

this month i had the lovely Irene and Alicia to swap with as the group is growing so fast!  awesome!

Irene requested any block in autumn colours and so I made this "On the Oregon Trail" block

Alicia asked for any block in any colour - wow, talk about freedom!  it made it a bit harder to choose!  but i found some fabric in my stash that i had forgotten about but loved, and so thought i would use that.  i made a "Chinese Puzzle" block...

but it is not good enough to send.  the photo actually does it too much credit!  it doesn't sit flat, the corners look terrible once i squared the block up and the points don't match.  as they say on Top Gear - ambitious, but rubbish.

so take 2, and i tried a "Magic Cross" block using the same material...

which i am much happier with!  so that will go in the post to Alicia tomorrow!

can't wait to see the blocks in return - have seen Alicia's on her blog (see my side bar) but have to wait for it to make the long journey from the US!  will share with you when it arrives!

pugs and kisses

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Cathy said...

Beautiful blocks - thanks for naming the blocks - I am compiling a list of blocks I like for future reference ;-)