"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it" - George Alliston

"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Sunday, May 23, 2010

little human

wow! tough day with the little human today.....he has a bad nappy rash and is on antibiotics. think 'grumpy'! anyhoo, hubby was great as always and let me sleep in on a sunday - ahhhhhhhhh.
speaking of the little human, i thought i would post some of the things that i have made for him.

the first is a play quilt that we use mostly on the lawn out the back. a good size for rolling around on, and i am not very precious about it (mostly because hubby got paint on it while painting the pergola over the sandpit! oh well!)

this is the blanket that i embroidered for the little human while he was still a little embryo! we didn't find out what sex the baby was going to be, so a green backed duckling was the order of the day. Made from this book -
The World's Most Beautiful Embriodered Blankets

this is a part of the ABC wall freize that runs around his room - a big fave. made from this pattern - I know my ABC's
- but with the adjustments so it is phonetically correct

and finally the little human inside his 'soft snake'. very nice for rolling around in and jumping on :)

so lovely to make things for him - i really enjoy it!

post soon
pugs and kisses

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