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Monday, May 31, 2010

directions of prints?

i am HOPELESS with colour, mixing and matching, picturing how things will look etc. i usually follow a pattern slavishly and only very rarely think of something completely original.
but im ok with that! hopefully ill get more confident, but in the mean time, things like this really do my head in!

this is a charm square from the moda fabric range called "blush". isn't it just lovely! i am using it to make a lap quilt for while i stitch at night.

what way does this print 'go'? which way looks 'better'? how do i decide? :)

not sure at all!

ah well, i guess i decide when it all comes together

pugs and kisses

1 comment:

Quiet Quilter said...

Yes, it is beautiful and can go any of the ways you have shown. Just lay it down with the rest of the pieces and choose. I have a charm pack that I must get out and use.....