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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Night Sew In report!

project 'friday night sew in' started first thing - the little human and i cleaned up the house and i think he was a little confused that as soon as he put a toy down it was back where it belongs before he could turn around!

dinner was made in the arvo and put in the fridge ready for hubby when he got home. the little human had dinner early too

and of course still found time to laugh at his dad!

then into the bath

and off to sleep. what a good little human!

hubby settled into a comfy chair to watch the footy and i headed out to the sewing area in our shed. i took some extra 'supplies' with me - the choccie hubby bought for me as a surprise (i guess i must have been talking about friday night sew in a lot for him to remember!)

so i was ready! i had two projects i wanted to work on - a disappearing nine patch quilt for hubby to keep him warm while watching the aforementioned football, and the little monsters quilt for my little human mentioned previously

as you can see though, i spent zero time actually cleaning up my craft area before i started :) a very bad habit - but not one to change on friday night sew in!

so i spent some time sorting through my stash for my the DNP quilt - one of the specifications from hubby was that i am not allowed to buy ANY material to make his quilt. so thought i would just sort some lights and darks in blue and brown and have a bash.

these are the 3" squares

and this is the finished DNP block! i was surprised at how complicated it looked, and how easy it was! i followed this tute on line.

then it was time to have a go at making a little monster! love doing quilts like this - choosing colours for characters and seeing their personalities take shape.

here is the pattern - I love Don't Look Now designs - all of them!

and here is my finished monster, compared to the original. isn't he gorgeous!

i called it a night at around 11.30am. the little human still gets up early even if i have been up late (what is the deal with that! he he), but i was thrilled to have a night to myself, to do whatever craftyness i wanted.

SOPPY ALERT (cue violins) - i think one of the reasons it was so enjoyable for me was that i don't have any crafty type friends in my physical world. my love of craft is something that i am usually jokingly mocked for by my family, and not understood by my friends. i have only recently discovered the awesome community that is online - and am loving it! i loved the idea that last night (or today depending on time zones!!) others all around the world were stitching along with me, loving it too! so thanks for organising this Bobbi and Heidi for conceiving and organising! can't wait to read everyone else's reports!

pugs and kisses

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Mistea said...

Hey cool new projects - I'll be back to check up on your monsters.

That's good progress for one Friday Night sew in - Yay!