"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it" - George Alliston

"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

crikey! where does the time go?

wow - the last date in this blog is last month!

i have been crafting, but haven't been blogging - sorry!

here is what i have been working on in the evenings - the stitchery parts for my mother in laws 60th quilt. it is coming together nicely! one is her fave bible verse, and the other is the centre square for the quilt. i have also ordered the photos on fabric so hopefully they will be ready this week and i can piece it all together!

this is a photo of a quilt in use!! my mum always says 'but what do you do with all these quilts' and 'how many do you need!' etc, but she was happy to see how much little human loved having this one on his new big boy bed.  there is something very special (and a bit emotional!) about seeing a little one that you love snuggled under something you have made especially for them with your own hands

and this is my final Pay It Forward gift - a tablerunner - on its way to Lana in the US.  I hope it gets there safe and sound!

my projects for this week are to iron all the backing fabric for two quilts i have ready to go.  the little human's cat in the hat quilt - which he is now begging for!  and a jungle quilt for the puglet's bed.

also, now that i have finished the stitching for my mum in laws quilt, i am back onto the butterfly garden quilt - and really enjoying it!

a couple of quick photos of my cuties to finish with - somehow, puglet is now over 3 months old!  she had her vaccinations yesterday and had a huge sleep last night and is still asleep for her morning nap now.  this is very unusual for her - she is a catnapper because of her reflux.  but i am happy to take it for today!!! i think i will go and make a cuppa and sit and watch the little human with his play dough :)

pugs and kisses always


Fiona said...

What a special quilt you are making... I totally agree... it's lovely to see someone you love wrapped up in a quilt you made... and thanks for the update of your littlies.. I love seeing them..... just georgeous ..

Maria said...

Your stitchery's on your MIL quilt look lovely. How special the quilt will be.
Love the Jungle Fabric on Little Humans" quilt.No wonder he loves to snuggle under it. (I have bought some of that)
Does give you a fuzzy feeling when they love their quilts.
WOW both the kids are growing so quilckly.