"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it" - George Alliston

"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Friday, August 19, 2011

some crafty photos!

i know! about time i show some craft on this so called crafty blog!!

here are my gorgeous mug rugs that i have received from lynne - i love them both, but especially the more modern one.

she also included these gorgeous reusable fabric gift bags!  there is a tute on her blog if you want to create some too

now some blocks - this one is from robyn for me for last months christmas block swap

this i made for sharon in canada for this months swap

and this is my block for this month from the lovely leena for the quilting block swap

and the one that i made for her - man i found the mitred corners difficult!!

i also finished off my second Pay It Forward gift and that has been sent!  this is for Linden - a table runner

phew!  i think i am now up to date!
to finish a photo of the little human.  he loves to help out with everything, and as anyone who has ever had a 2 year old knows, that help can mean a huge hassle!! he he

he is desperate to help mummy with her 'craft' as he says, but i don't let him touch my machine.  so he found this hole puncher under my desk and a scrap of fabric and calls that his sewing machine.  he pushes the lever up and down on the fabric and then holds it up and says 'mmmmm'.  when i ask if he is happy with it, he says 'mmmm yes, very nice'.

such a cutie!!!!!

now tonight is FNSI, so i have to go and get everyone organised so i can sit down and sew!!! hope you get some done too

much love, pugs and kisses


Teresa said...

Being a Canadian, I just love the red and white star block! It's so dramatic. It reminds me of the underside of the Snowbirds. (Canadian Air Force Demonstration Team) Thankyou for sharing :)

Heidi said...

The mug rugs are sweet.. the blocks pretty.. but he little human is adorable and my favorite!