"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it" - George Alliston

"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November FNSI report!

so keen i was - this one was going to be sooooo great!
i had an average day on the morning sickness scale - 6 out of 10 - morning vomiting followed by all day nausea and dry retching.....not too good, but not too bad
i had been HANGING for the little human to get to bed and get to sewing

so the plan was
1. finish block swaps (2 to go)
2. finish Hilda the hippo for Toy Society Swap
3. start cross stitch birth sampler for puglet

ambitious, yes....but i thought i should be able to give it a fair shake. some new simpsons eps on the TV followed by Indiana Jones movie - all good!

so i sit down to make the lovely Sylvia a yellow and blue block in any style....

this is what i make

quite nice, im very happy with it, but then i realise it looks quite small for a 12" block
duh, im using a 9" pattern

ahh well, try again

this time i go for the 'beginners choice' block because that is CLEARLY what i am today!

argh - i realise after i have sewn the 4 square part that this is a 9" block too!!!!  why do i have all these sooooo misfiled in my folder - soooo angry.  decide that i might as well finish it now that it is all cut out

right.  go onto the internet, print out a 12" block pattern - double check it.  get hubby to double check it.  right.
go back out and cut the material - triple check it.  good.  sew it together.  measure - whew - it is 12.5".  whew!

so sylvia will end up with a few extra missized blocks - i hope she can find a use for them.  this is a sneak peak of what i sent officially.

and after all that i decided to call it quits.  but i did get one block done - and that is an achievement worth celebrating!!!

on a different note, and one to blow the horn of my LQS, i went there on Friday to buy a 1/4" foot without the guide for my machine.  the one with the guide drives me nuts because it always moves, it isn't quite 1/4" and it is easy to stuff up (which as we have seen i do quite well with no assistance thank you very much!).

anyhoo, they let me know that my normal general purpose foot will do the same thing if i choose the 'piecing' setting on my machine, which moves the needle over 1/4" from the edge of that foot - AWESOME!  it is SO much easier to do a 1/4" seam now - i find that i am much more accurate that trying to line it up with something on the plate or some other line on my foot.

so thank you LQS - you did yourself out of a sale, but made a customer very happy!

hope you all enjoyed your FNSI and achieved something too :)

pugs and kisses


Cathy said...

love the colours of your blocks!
hang in there - I am sure the morning sickness will ease off soon ;-)

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Great blocks there Pug and some achievements for FNSI.

I had morning sickness for 7 full months. Blerk. Hope yours eases soon.

Alex said...

You poor thing! MS sucks. At least it means the little puglet is getting awfully comfy in there and growing well!

I LOVE blue and yellow. It's one of my fav combos.

Great news on the 1/4" foot dilemma solved!

Anonymous said...

Fab blocks and they do say if at first you don't succeed try, try, try again lol. Third time lucky and your swap partner gets some seriously pretty blocks there.

I hope the morning sickness passes soon and as one who had it for 8 months out of 9 on both pregnancies you have my sympathies (I got rather attached to my blue sick bucket which had to travel on every car journey with me).

Great news about your 1/4" solution ;0)

Brigitte said...

Don't you just feel great when you have a new "find"?