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- Author unknown

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FINISHED! November block swap - Oz and International!

whew! glad i got these done today

the first is for Jen in the USA for the international swap. this month will be my last one - ive decided the oz one and the chrissie one are enough for me at the moment. but i have enjoyed swapping with the ladies in america.

Jen asked for a log cabin block in batiks. i must admit that i didn't know what that meant and when i went and found out i realised i had NONE in my stash! Jen said she was also happy with bright modern fabrics - so i used some of my funky pile!

here is a sneak peak....

this one is for nolene in NSW for the oz swap. she asked for my new fave of log cabin in black and white with red centre. here is a sneak peak..

i still have my christmas swap and another oz swap to do - they are on my list for FNSI!!! yay! can't wait!

pugs and kisses


Alex said...

They both look lovely but I love the colours in the funky modern one. YUM!

Tarnyia said...
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Tarnyia said...

Oh I do llllllluuuvvv those colours xxx

Lana said...

These are lovely...I have yet to try making those, but you have inspired me!

Micki said...

I like the log cabin in batiks...never saw one in batiks before.

Brigitte said...

I'm glad you are still sticky with some of the swaps. Would hate to lose you. You know I love black/white/red.