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"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Saturday, October 1, 2011

a few more projects....

my mother in law's 60th quilt top is finished!  windy day, so little human is holding it steady for me :)

if you click to enlarge, you should be able to make out the drawing blocks from the grandkids (she has 5 - our 2, plus my hubby's brother's 3), plus the piccies of our kids and theirs, plus the stitcheries - the middle block, and the bottom block with her favourite bible verses.

just have to quilt it now.....

and these are the block for the puglets new quilt for her wall - still piecing them together from a charm pack and a jelly roll.....

and some pin wheel blocks - i LOVE pinwheels in all their various guises - but did these using Sue's tutorial that promised super-easy perfect pinwheels every time - sounds like a good promise to me!

so i had a go and followed her advice - and she was right!!! head over and try it yourself!

and one of my puglet to finish with - she has just worked out how to hold things and start to put them in her mouth - this is her current fave toy - a flat doggie with teether paws and a crinkly tummy

whatever takes your fancy!

pugs and kisses


Fiona said...

The quilt is fantastic - how lovely to have the drawings... and I did like the little hands holding it.... lovely blocks you are having fun with and Puglet is looking just too cute...

Maria said...

I am sure your MIL is going to love her very special quilt.
So nice to have the photos and drawings.
Oh Little Human is very helpful.
How cute is little Puglet.