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"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Thursday, April 14, 2011

i am back in the world of the internet!

oh my gosh!  can you belive that i have not had internet since the 3rd of march (or a home phone for that matter)
what a nightmare - you can see why people never swap service providers for anything!!!!!!
but anyhoo, it is sorted now, and all is well

so to update all that has been happening.....

- the little human just had his 2nd birthday - that went very fast somehow?
here with a pressie from his uncle

 here having a good time at his birthday party, complete with bump on head from earlier fall :)

and the bob the builder cake i made him for the party

he has also discovered jumping......lots and lots.  he loves it!  he goes to kindergym and they had a photographer there last week - this is him in full happy flight

- pregnancy going well - now at 32 weeks and feeling HUGE and tired all the time.  booked in for a mandatory c-section on the 26th of May, so only 6 weeks to go!!!! yay
all fine with the baby - one last scan next week to check on position of placenta, and then the count down is truly on!

all right - lets get to it!

- block swaps
this is a sneak peak of this months wonky star block to Minette for the quilting block swap

this is what i received last month from shauna - don't you just love this pattern!  soooo awesome - can't wait to put together all the beautiful blocks that i am receiving

this is a sneak peak of the block i made for cheryl for the christmas quilting block swaps.  she asked for a log cabin in christmas colours

and this is what i got last month from heather - the little stars and moons are actually santas - so cute!!

- easter swap
i was lucky enough to get in on Jewell's easter swap this year!  this is the parcel i sent off to Portugal for my lovely lady - containing, as specified, some chocs (haighs of course, in a travel suitable package!), an easter flannel, a craft mag, and an easter tea towel (eggcellent easter - he he , still cracks me up!)

- stuff for baby
finally finished the wall quilts for puglets room!!!!  they are up, but i still have a few ends to trim when i can be bothered :)
(for some reason my computer won't let me upload that photo to the blog...... not sure what that is about!  will try again next post?)

before the little human was born, i made him a blanket, embroidered with a duck in wool.  just a lovely project to make, but not overly practical once he was born.  he was a chucker and i couldn't be bothered carefully washing the blanket every time etc etc, so i stopped using it all together.  so this time, i decided to just make quilts.
i have finished the quilt top for both a boy, and a girl - ill find someone to give the other one to once we have had ours!

i have also made a nursing cover!  big thanks to Freshly Picked for the tutorial.  i am very happy with how it turned out.  i couldn't find them for cheaper than $50 on the net, but the materials for this one cost about $11.  very happy!  for those not familiar with them, it is for breastfeeding in public.  its like a wide apron with some boning in the front so you can keep on eye on the little one.  ive put some terry cloth in both corners on the inside for cleaning up spew, and a pocket in the front, which i imagine will be used for the little human to keep his trains in :)

i am also working on a baby sling at the moment, so will let you know how that turns out!

- presents
my gorgeous friend nat had a baby girl a few weeks ago, and i made this little wiggle-around quilt for her

- hexie flowers
well, i have taken the plunge.  after watching sue daly on a quilter's companion dvd, i thought i would like to have a go at paper piecing.  so i found a pattern from a mag, and just decided to have a go!  i have bought pre-cut papers, and a template for cutting the little hexies, and am finding it quite soothing.  and such a portable project!  i have taken them to my obstetrician's rooms many times to wait, and have found that before i know it, it is my turn!  i think they will also be good for the hospital stay with the puglet.....they are saying 7 days in, and i know that hubby will be out and about with little human more this time, so i may have some down time......perhaps ill sleep though :)

so i have to make about 120 of these (see below) and then join them together with more hexies to make the quilt....i haven't picked the fabric to join them all up....any suggestions?

whew!  i think that is it - all updated!
and internet still going strong - all good :)

thanks for reading and many pugs and kisses to you and yours


Quiet Quilter said...

Welcome back..you have stayed busy with your world while you were gone!

Catswhiskers said...

Good to have you back and glad to hear that all is well.
You have been busy and I love the Blazing Star and all the other blocks.

Alex said...

Wonderful to see you again! I've been semi missing myself. Been busy on blogger but not with quilty blogs. I've set up a beauty blog with my sisters and been helping them with that.

You've made some simply gorgeous things!

Stray Stitches said...

So glad you're back! You certainly were busy! Glad to hear all is going well with the little one on the way.

Lana said...

Welcome BACK! I miss you! So much good stuff you have been up to! LOVED the CAKE! Almost time and I bet you look GREAT. Hang in there, it's almost time!

Shauna said...

Welcome BACK!! I know what it feels like, I had nothing for 1 year!!!
Your son is so darn cute!! Happy Birthday to him.

Maria said...

WOW!! The little Human has grown heaps. So nice to se him again.
You sure have been very busy sewing . Was just great to read your posy again.
keep Well

Larissa said...

Wow - that cake is adorable! I have about 6 weeks to decide on one for my (turning 3!) little one. Not sure quite yet. Last year was a lion's face, the year before was cupcakes decorated in either of 4 different styles - very ambitious, lol. I also enjoy taking my little one to kindygym - they pick up so much in such a short time don't they?!!
I am also loving all your crafty projects - you've gotten up to a lot haven't you! They are fantastic!

Sue B said...

Nice catching up with you, gosh the little human is growing up, my little human (Leo my grandson) is one tomorrow, where does the time go. You will soon have your hands extra full with the puglet, all the best for the birth, Hugs (quilted ones of course), sue x

Beeshebags said...

Little puglet is due the same day as my son (also born by c-section) turns 13. Love all the work you've been doing....gonna make some nursing covers now for gifts. Hugs Naomi