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"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Thursday, February 10, 2011

sorry for my absence!

hi all
apologise for my absense from blog land - we are all doing fine here - our state has not been affected by the fire or floods thankfully. thank you so much to all who have messaged or emailed to check on me and my family - i appreciate it so much

we have been having a few little human challenges as we take him off the medicine for his reflux....but we are hanging in there, poor little fella! the doctor has encouraged us to ride it out as he gets used to it all, so we are doing that, but he is suffering a bit. i think he is also been getting frustrated as he can't tell us exactly all he would like to.

but, i have been doing some crafty-related things too!

the first is an update on puglet's jungle themed wall quilt. this first picture you will recognise from last post as the centre panel of the whole quilt.

my mum, who is a WAY better draw-er than me, then copied a few of the animals so i could enlarge them as applique blocks for above and below the centre pane;. here is how they are progressing.

we are trying to get puglet's room in order at the moment, so it will be good to have this done soon, so we know how much wall space it will take up.

these are my sneak peeks of my swaps for the month of feb

this one is for Jolanda in Portugal - she asked for a star in shabby chick colours - i hope this is suitable, it is not really my palette and i had to ask mr google for help.

this one is for shauna in canada who asked for a churn dash, shoo fly or star in any colours. i went with a shooting star

i loved the shooting star so much, that i also used it for leena for her christmas swap! i hope she likes it

i am still working on a block for fiona, our newest member of the christmas swap, she asked for christmas trees in green and red, so i have made an applique block and just need to blanket stitch around the trees and stars to finish them off.

thanks so much for reading, and for caring
i love you all very much, and appreciate your friendship

pugs and sloppy kisses


Alex said...

My sympathies to Lil Human. Max had reflux badly for a long long time as well. You've been so busy! The jungle quilt looks fantastic! I've not dome anything quilty for ages! Does ironing on name labels and taking up school pants count??

Stray Stitches said...

Sorry to hear of the little ones difficulties :(

The applique blocks are adorable!! You have been one busy gal lately!

Lana said...

Glad to hear all is good...was a little worried there.
LOVE the quilt...you and your mom are way too talented!
Hang in there...

Cheryll said...

The centre blocks are fantastic..will be PeRfEcT.!!!
Another job well done Crafty!

Larain said...

Hi Crafty
seems a lot of years ago I went thru the same things with my daughters, it does get better. How do you manage to quilt with all this going on. All those years ago I would not have been able to find time to quilt as well as look after kiddlies with reflux probs. you have great stamina and preggies too!!!!!!!!