"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it" - George Alliston

"Do something today that doesn't have to be done again tomorrow."
- Author unknown

Saturday, January 22, 2011

whew - jan block swaps finished!

i must admit i was slightly nervous there - but they came together not too bad (which doesn't always happen for me! he he)

the first is a sneak peak of the owl block made for melody in Vic

and this is the christmas block made for Ann in Canada

this is the pack that i put together in response to the project run by the lovely Jenny. if you want to contribute you can go here for the info.

the idea is that each pack would be a little re-starter for someone who lost all their sewing gear in the flood.

so each pack contains - a fat quarter, some needles, some scissors, an armchair caddy with pin cushion and 6 skiens of thread.  a lovely idea, and the armchair caddy instructions they provided came together really quickly.  you don't have to send it in a drawstring bag, but they appreciate it if you do.

only a small thing, but hopefully a ray of sunshine in someone otherwise crappy month

pregnancy update - puglet is moving around lots and i can feel it now. i forgot how cool that part is - makes it seem more real somehow, like im not just getting really fat :) we've started cleaning out the spare room to be puglet's room and we are having to be ruthless with what we had in there! so lots going to the op shop, hubby's hurting - he's a bit of a hoarder. but im loving it because im a chucker!!!!

ive designed a jungle themed quilt for puglet's room based around a panel that i bought at the craft fair - will show you some when i have a chance to make some blocks. also have to do the boring stuff like hemming curtains etc - blah! :)

hope the week is treating you well!

pugs and kisses always

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Anonymous said...

Blocks and starter kit look great - they're gonna be loved and appreciated! Having a clear out feels so good doesn't it - especially when it's for an exciting reason like a new little puglet :0)

Now my word verification is pughe - isn't that funny lol